National Exams 2020 

The results are in and we are VERY proud of our faculty and students!!

National French Exam

The following students earned medals in Le Grand Concours, a national competition. Nationwide, over 70,000 students participated this year.

  • Platinum Medals: 1
  • Gold Medals: 5 students
  • Silver Medals: 13 students
  • Bronze Medals: 15 students
National German Exam
The following students earned medals for outstanding performance on the 2019 National German Exam for High School Students. Nationwide, over 20,400 students participated in the exam this year.
  • Gold Medals: 14 students
  • Silver Medals: 32 students 
  • Bronze Medals: 16 students
  • Achievement: 11
National Latin Exam

This year 44 students earned medals or certificates of recognition. 20 students received summa and maxima cum laude medals and ribbons.

  • Summa and Maxima cum laude certificates, medals and ribbons: 20
  • Magna cum Laude and Cum Laude certificates: 24
National Spanish Exam

The following Hopewell Valley Central High School students are medal recipients on the 2019 National Spanish Exam, a proficiency contest administered to over 150,000 students nationwide.
Silver Medals: results not available until August
Bronze Medals:
results not available until August