All facility use requests are completed online. Complete information is available on this page.

Contact Marie Pagano (mariepagano@hvrsd.org) at 609.737.4002 x2206 with your questions regarding use of facilities. 

The first step toward completing an online facility use application is to create a user account. To view the facilities calendar and to create an account, please visit  Use of Facilities Calendar and to Request an Account.

  • Once you hit Submit, you will receive a confirmation email "Your requested organization has been routed."

  • Once registration is approved, you will receive an email stating "Hopewell Valley Regional School District Community Use Request is Approved"; the next step is to fill out the request for a field or room at the school.

  • Click the 'Request Facility Use' tab and enter your request.

  • IF REQUESTING USE OF THE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (PAC): In addition to the Building/Field Use Rental Application you must also complete the PAC Event Request form.  If you have questions regarding the PAC, please contact Jeffrey Kelly at  jeffreykelly@hvrsd.org.

Please allow enough time for the approval process. All forms should be submitted at least 10 work days prior to the event

Required Facility Use Documents

Review the following policies: